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He was too anxiety-ridden about an upcoming job interview to notice his lab partner was courting him.Lee figured their random pairing and compulsory lunch date was merely another academic obligation before he joins the workforce.Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. We reserve the right to close comments at any time.Thanks to Bluesmatch and after a period of less than 3 months I seem to have met my perfect partner.I was lured in by the cracking profile of someone who has subsequently remarketed himself to me as a mediocre dullard. I didn't need it, however, as I had already received a Valentine from the wonderful man whom I met through Blues Match and with whom I am still head over heels in love.Nonetheless I find myself oddly satisfied and intend to spend the rest of my life with him... We are both very happy and grateful to Blues Match.As such, dating is viewed as a step toward tying the knot."I have some students who say, ' I'm not getting married anyways, so what's the point of pursuing a relationship? "I tell them, ' Don't think of dating as part of the process of marriage.

We've been seeing each other ever since, and I'd be crazy not to give her my full attention.Soaring housing prices, high tuition, a weak pensions system and high child-care costs are being blamed for why fewer people are having kids.Broadly speaking, marriage in socially conservative South Korea is a precursor to child-bearing.Most of her girlfriends don't want to have kids, reasoning it would be too difficult to balance family with work pressures.But she would consider trying to have children "if the economic conditions were right."Hyeun Ae Jang, 24, a student in last term's dating and relationships course, said she signed up for the class after experiencing dating abuse.' I learned what I shouldn't put up with and what not to tolerate,' she said.(Matt Kwong/CBC)Lee, Kang's boyfriend, had the same caveat.Jang said her lectures about warning-sign behaviours — snooping a partner's text messages, imposing curfews, dictating what someone should wear — are illuminating for many of her pupils."I felt like I learned what behaviours were OK and what I shouldn't tolerate," said Hyeun Ae Jang, 24, a student who enrolled in the course in the fall after experiencing dating abuse by a controlling ex.Jang said her professor has brightened her outlook on romantic relationships and possibly motherhood.Professor Jang relishes her dual role as lecturer and matchmaker.Two couples who met in her class have gone on to wed, and she officiated one ceremony. The professor wanted to dispel the myth that students who end up dating score better grades.

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