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European explorers made first contact with Native Americans (Indians) toward the end of the 18th century and began beaver trapping and other activities in the region.

Clashes, sometimes deadly, occurred between the natives and the trappers and later between the natives and European-American miners and settlers.

Hunter and Hallie both exited the store separately after their trip to the pharmacy and drove off in different vehicles.

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After the war, settlers expanded into remote areas of the watershed and established small farms along the river between Grave Creek and the mouth of the Illinois River.

There was no mention by the Bidens however of Kathleen.

) in southwestern Oregon in the United States flows about 215 miles (346 km) in a generally westward direction from the Cascade Range to the Pacific Ocean.

The divorce papers cite 'irreconcilable differences between the parties concerning Defendant's conduct' as the reason for terminating the union.

Kathleen later gets a bit more specific in a motion she filed back in February, claiming that Hunter's 'drug use and infidelity' played a role in the split.

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