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Asking for time off to recover from jet lag after an international trip I am traveling to India for a third time for my company. This was not nearly enough time to get my body acclimated to the new time zone.Is it feasible to ask my employer for the entire week off without having to use my PTO days?A week is a long time to ask for, especially if you didn’t negotiate it in advance when agreeing to do the travel.I think you could ask for two days, and possibly shortened hours for the remainder of the week, but I think asking for much more than that is going to raise eyebrows.

I say that because it’s important context for my question.Because of the app features — it speaks out a prompt and I respond — I’ve been booking empty conference rooms during my lunch hour to go through lessons and eat lunch.I work in an open bullpen, which doesn’t allow for audio privacy and can get loud even at lunchtime.For as long as I’ve been working here (5 years), a group of men use it daily to play ping-pong.They close all the doors, set up screens to block off people trying to cut through the room and to corral loose balls, yell loudly and leave the room smelling of sweat.(The room has four entrances so it’s not inaccessible, but it can be annoying if you need something in their game area).In my mind, if they can take over a room like that to play ping-pong, then I can use a conference room to learn French. This really comes down to your office culture and whether anyone else uses conference rooms for personal use — and in your case, it sounds like they definitely do.But if you’re in doubt, you can always check with your manager: “Hey, I’m using an empty conference room to eat lunch in because I’m learning French and using that time to practice without disturbing others.So far finding an empty conference room doesn’t seem to have caused any issues, but I wanted to mention it to you in case there’s something I’m not thinking of.” 4. The company provides me with 23 PTO days for the year. Previously I was able to take Monday off without using PTO and was then able to work from home on Tuesday.” If she’s resistant to that, try saying, “I know you don’t mean anything by it, but I think it’s undermining me with people who I’ll need to respect me — and it makes me pretty uncomfortable.” 3.Is it okay to use conference rooms for personal use?

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