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Acting as CEO also pushed her to grow and learn outside her comfort zone.Today Wallace is founding director of Bridge Up: STEM, an educational initiative at New York’s American Museum of Natural History focused on introducing girls and minorities to computer science.Whatever the circumstances, one point becomes clear: The only real failure is not learning from one.hile I have had “whoopsies” at jobs as diverse as Tang (the drink that went to the moon); Doritos; VMX (the company that invented voicemail); Jane Fonda’s Workout; and Playboy TV/Video, my most instructive failure was during my year as product manager of Tostitos.

Yet I found myself facing the same situation years later at a prominent organization.

I even developed a working knowledge of things as abstruse as the technology involved in building and running an all-digital TV studio and uplink center.

Not bad for a kid who received a “low pass” in Production and Operations Management and thought he could get away with not having to buy a pocket calculator to do the math for Managerial Economics. If we can catch a few of them and learn from whence and why they came, we edge closer to the wisdom that makes being 60-something pretty damned interesting.

Jeffrey Jenest (MBA 1978) ight years ago, I was a math teacher and principal of a school in India, and we had just received the results of our 10th-grade board examinations. The memory of one of them, Akash, still haunts me today. For 10 years, we had promised his poor parents that if they sent Akash to school, he would make something of himself.

If they spent money on textbooks and uniforms, he would have a better life. But after all that time and thousands of rupees they didn’t have, that family got failure.

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