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Tackey and Tsubasa is the second duo ever produced by JE, Kin Ki Kids are the first.6. Takizawa Hideaki Factscompiled By: karin-chan of jdorama.com1. He is one of the most respected and loved senpai in Johnny’s Entertainment.3. He debuted with his best friend Imai Tsubasa as Tackey and Tsubasa in September 11, 2002 with the single “True Heart”5.

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He is credited for the ero-ero dance with Kattun and Kanjani8.20.

But for now there is not any rumors about Tackey going out with anyone coz he is always very low profile about his private life. He also directed the PV for the Special Unit Group that he had gathered. but on wiki it does say that tackey inspired pi to join JE. But then he will be starting his musical play again so he will be busy this year. i went to greet him in the tackey and tsubasa thread..aiyooo..anyweiz, belated otanjoubi omedetou tackey-kun!!!

I've been wanting to see him in something else. avikawaii~- Tackey was rumors to be with her be4 but was a long time ago and recently in the past summer in AUG they filmed a SP movie drama for the 24hrs TV show that T&T hosted this year so U might have read something about them. they are close, so i guess, tsubasa being his bestfriend maybe feeling a little bit jealous. cus theres hardly any fanlisting of blog concerning him - so sad. Other then that I think Tackey should take a break or vacation soon coz he had been working too hard.

He became inclined with Japanese history after acting in Yoshitsune in 2005.23.

He has to wear a face guard in some events of Tx T’s Spring Concert in 2007 because he suffered from a broken nose when he fell in the stairs just to save his laptop.24.

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