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Goodfellow has ensured that, throughout the transition period, UUK’s focus will be on securing support that allows the nation’s universities to continue to be global in their outlook, internationally-networked, and “an attractive destination” for talented people from across Europe.“These features are central to ensuring British universities continue to be the best in the world,” she said.

“The free movement of talent, the networks, collaborations, critical mass of research activity and funding from EU membership have played a crucial part in the success of Russell Group universities.With 50 countries ranked this year across six continents, John O’Leary, editor of He said: “If it were, Singapore would be much higher than it is and some European countries would be lower.The advantage of this ranking is that it looks at the quality and accessibility of higher education as a whole.” HESS is based on four criteria - each weighted equally - including system strength, access, the global performance of a nation’s top institution, and economy.For example, EU students in Scotland are currently entitled to free tuition and recruitment is covered by student number controls.If they were to no longer be classified as home students, EU students would have to pay tuition fees, and Scottish institutions could recruit freely.Figures within the higher education sector will have awoken with a bitter taste on Friday with the news the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.On Monday, the heads of 103 universities had issued an impassioned open letter expressing how they were “gravely concerned” about the impact of a Leave vote on their universities and students, cautioning voters that the power of their universities on local communities and economy “should not be underestimated.” The signatories added: “Every year, universities generate over £73 billion for the UK economy - £3.7bn of which is generated by students from EU countries, while supporting nearly 380,000 jobs.We will be working closely with the Government to secure the best deal for universities from the negotiations to come so that we can continue to form productive collaborations across Europe.” Ben Jordan, Ucas senior policy executive, warned prior to the vote that, in the event of Brexit, it would not difficult to imagine the process for recruiting EU learners “becoming more complex and closer to that used to recruit international students,” signalling a potential visa requirement, which could lead to increased costs to recruit these students. Jordan wrote: “The fee status and number control arrangements relating to EU domiciled learners may also change.This provides both challenges and opportunities for the sector.UUK president, Julia Goodfellow, said on Friday morning that, although this is “not an outcome we wished or campaigned for,” UUK respects the decision of the UK electorate.Urging those within the sector to bear in mind that a Brexit will not happen overnight, she said: “There will be a gradual exit process with significant opportunities to seek assurances and influence future policy.” But what does the result mean now for the country’s 100-plus institutions?

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