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Additionally, more SLD students now begin postsecondary education because distance learning and on-line courses provide easier access for them (Cook).

Postsecondary administration and faculty must realize that these students are not just in developmental classes or in the community colleges; SLD students are enrolled in all courses.

The number of SLD students in colleges and universities is rising.

According to the National Center for Learning Disabilities, in 1992, 65% of high school students with documented learning disabilities went on to postsecondary studies.

Some technological resources include specific assistive devices for SLD students and are offered through campus support services.

However, many technology resources standard to most computer classrooms - word processing, Internet use, Power Point, and other types of multimedia - may benefit SLD students with only slight modifications.

First, recognizing that spending some time making accommodations/modifications for these students is, in the terms of our economically-driven society, cost beneficial.

Facing the challenge begins with recognition and understanding.

Were working on the upcoming paper in my critical writing class.

About ten minutes late, Albert runs into the computer lab seemingly dazed.

Many times I inwardly groaned in frustration at Alberts apparently irrelevant questions, late assignments, and misunderstanding of papers/activities.

But the real frustration came when I was grading research papers. When measuring ideas, Albert was a genius, or at least he had the potential to excel.

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