How to not be intimidating

Focus on your positive areas and your performance as by making comparisons you will naturally induce negativity, which will subsequently ruin your performance.

Upon arrival, greet everyone in a friendly, outgoing manner to demonstrate that you are confident (even if you are trembling on the inside).

If you're dropping your kids off at school in your pajamas, while all the other parents are dressed for business, you may feel intimidated by the other moms and dads.

Put on a nice pair of pants and a pressed shirt, though, and you'll feel more confident. Others' lives may sometimes seem more interesting than your own.

If you're constantly feeling intimidated by other people, it's time to make some changes in your life.

By building yourself up — rather than tearing others down — you can feel more confident when interacting with others. You don't have to have expensive clothes, but you do need to present yourself looking your best.

How can I stop being intimidated by people who are noticeably more intelligent than I am?

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Everyone is made with two arms, two legs, a stomach and a head. Bestselling author of Stop Playing Safe, Margie Warrell shares her perspective on how to stop feeling intimidated. "I'm not intimidated by anyone." Just think about that. can bring up feelings we harbor about ourselves that we are not good enough, smart enough, interesting enough. I won't allow anyone to treat me unfairly, it An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works - Tom Ford quotes from Brainy Is anyone here intimidated by men they like? Have you ever walked into orientation and a group of girls are all talking and laughing amongst each other ignoring everyone else in the room?Embrace our handy hints to survive these dreaded moments. It is easy to become wrapped up in a world where you compare yourself to others, which automatically puts you in a negative mindset about yourself.At a photoshoot or casting, try to refrain from making comparisons on your looks, talent or personality to fellow candidates.For example, if others' ability to speak in front of people intimidates you, you can act confident the next time you have to do so.The more you "act" the part, the less intimidated you'll feel around others. Being intimidated by others could mean that there are things that you need to change in your own life.The qualities that you find intimidating are probably the ones that you wish that you had yourself.Use the "act as though" perspective and adopt those qualities in yourself.If you're stuck in a routine, you may feel that your life pales in comparison.By picking up a hobby that interests you, you'll have something to talk about and maybe even get the chance to meet new people. Rather than being intimidated by the people around you, Psychology Today suggests that it's better to use those people as an inspiration.

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