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Bjarni Þorsteinsson collected Icelandic folk music between 19, and any of the songs he encountered were accompanied by traditional instruments like the langspil and fiðla, which are among the few musical instruments traditionally played in Iceland.

Chain dances, known as víkivaki, have been performed in Iceland since the 11th century at a variety of occasions, such as in churches and during the Christmas season.

In recent years, efforts have been made to revive native Icelandic forms.

For example, a modern revitalization of the Rímur tradition began in 1929 with the formation of the organization Iðunn.

Protestantism has also left its mark on the music of Iceland.

Hallgrímur Pétursson wrote numerous Protestant hymns in the 17th century.

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"Heyr himna smiður" ("Hark, Creator of the Heaven") is probably the oldest psalm which is still sung today; it was composed by Kolbeinn Tumason in 1208.

Rímur can be traced back to the Viking Age Eddic poetry of the skalds and employs complex metaphors and cryptic rhymes and forms.

Some of the most famous rímur were written between the 18th and early 20th centuries, by poets like Hannes Bjarnason (1776–1838), Jón Sigurðsson (1853–1922) and Sigurður Breiðfjörð (1798–1846).

In the early 18th century, European dances like polka, waltz, reel and schottische begin to arrive via Denmark.

These foreign dances are today known as gömlu dansarnir or literally the "old dances".

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