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More than anything, communication is essential to building any healthy relationship.The first step is making sure both partners are on the same page about the relationship, and understand each other’s expectations.Too often, the words sex and intimacy are used interchangeably.Intimacy is used to describe something of a personal and private nature.While sexual intimacy is certainly personal and private, emotional intimacy is a much more significant element of a healthy relationship.Relating implies an emotional intimacy between partners. The jury appears to be out among today’s college students.Abuse that begins during dating often continues and intensifies over the course of a relationship.Dating violence is a pattern of violent behavior (physical, emotional, or sexual) by one partner in a dating relationship toward the other partner.

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Both partners should feel free to share this information or not.Communication Communication is critical to the three other characteristics already discussed.It is how we share respect, honesty, and trust with a partner.Many of us can probably visualize our idea of the “perfect relationship.” It is more important, however, to aspire to a healthy relationship comprised of the following four principles: Respect When two people are in a relationship, there should be mutual respect for each person as an individual.Having a healthy, respectful relationship means that each partner values the other and what is important to them.However, being honest with yourself and your partner demonstrates respect for each other.Trust Trust in a relationship means that you can expect the other person to be a support to you and you a support to them.However, when people have had too much to drink there is no opportunity for respect, honesty, trust, and communication to occur.Someone under the influence may not be in a position to COMMUNICATE their desire to be/not be sexually intimate and, on the flip side, may not be in a position to HEAR that someone wants to be/not be sexually intimate.It’s healthy to spend time apart and will benefit the relationship!Boundaries are not designed to make a partner feel “trapped” in a relationship.

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