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You can display all validation errors in the validation controls, or all in one place using a Validation controls perform input checking in server code.When the user submits a page to the server, the validation controls are invoked to check the user input, control by control.

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attribute works with the following input types: text, search, url, tel, email, and password.You can attach more than one validation control to an input control on a page.In that case, the tests performed by the controls are resolved using a logical operator, which means that the data entered by the user must pass all of the tests in order to be considered valid.For example, you would test the state of the validation controls before updating a data record with information entered by the user.If you detect an invalid state, you bypass the update.If the user is working with a browser that supports ECMAScript (Java Script), the validation controls can also perform validation using client script.This can improve response time in the page because errors are detected immediately and error messages are displayed as soon as the user leaves the control containing the error. NET performs validation on the server even if the validation controls have already performed it on the client, so that you can test for validity within your server-based event handlers.Validation errors can be collected and displayed in one place—for example, at the top of the page.This strategy is often used in combination with displaying a message next to the input fields with errors.In some instances, entries in several different formats might be valid.For example, if you are prompting for a phone number, you might allow users to enter a local number, a long-distance number, or an international number.

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