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Three main satellites are possible depending on size using SPELTRA (Structure Porteuse Externe Lancement TRiple Ariane, "Ariane Triple-Launch External Carrier Structure").Up to eight secondary payloads, usually small experiment packages or minisatellites, can be carried with an ASAP (Ariane Structure for Auxiliary Payloads) platform.

Sometimes I will have just written a blog on that topic and sometimes I have not written a blog on that topic for a while.

well, by drinking plenty of diuretic fluids and strategically pissing myself throughout the day whenever i get too tired to focus on anything but the painand oh my what pain therell bea plethora, a myriad, a whopping great load of different flavours of agony - cramps, aches, twinges, possible fractures, dry eyes, runny noses, maybe even a severed jugular if im luckywon't it be lovely? That's right I know how to use my feet to make your face meet the pavment in no time.

yes yes it will margaret that's the idea my love; now be a dear and fetch my bedpan; i crave a special kind of warmth for tonight's 4 hour rapid eye movement extravaganza (REME, because i am in fact a reem individual) and only you, margaret, and you florence, and YOU most of all mabel, sweetest of my sweet nectarines, can provide me with that which i most dearly desire Brilliant post my friend66879315chess nerds will say kasparov casuals will say bobbyi love bobby to death though, watch tons of docs on himultimately it will be irrelevant though since Magnus Carlsen (the current world #1) will take both their places as the undisputed goat66879326ahhhh superb post thiscan have a wee now and retire in peace, enjoying my (now 3 hours exactly) sleep and taking out my pension as soon as is convenient to scrape up enough for a trip to hawaii to throw myself into a volcano66879400yeah thats why i looked up bobby desu was reading about magnus and was blown awaytoo bad he wont get the attention Bobby got I don't think, at least since the cold war played such a role in bringing publicity to chess66879439You're about 5'6 and probably a few stone lighter. I will build a genocide machine, just to hunt you down and kill you, your family, any luckless bastard who's like you. I also have wordclass headbutts at the most random times that will send you in an out of body experience.

if your on tape cutting your mother you don't ever admit it.

if you're smoking a joint in front of a cop you deny it.66878752If you fucking mean it then act on it Send me your email, send us a fucking fax, do what you need to do if you really want to fucking fight me, I'm over here in Limerick waiting to box any wankers head in66878891Soviet nuclear submarine managed to get somewhere near Bermuda where it broke down and called on the US for assistance in order to prevent a tragedy Makes me think they got a lot further undetected66878911yeah i should've said it mostly only happens in filmssome dickhead cops will probably try and pull it every once in a while I always jaywalk and have done it in front of cops with no trouble66878822youre a far better cropper than i could ever hope to befair play, fair credit, good going to you HOWEVERthe longer you persist in ignoring my posts, the greater my reckoning will beconsider yourself the bastard dad to my wrathful poleabooin laymans terms, im 5 foot 1 and built like a brick shithouse and will take the utmost joy in dismantling your body atom by atom until nothing remains but those lovely cropping hands of yoursconsider yourself the judge robertson to my phillip banks, where my nephew is the hidden folding fauchard that unintentionally sinks its cold metal fangs into your quavering heart and chews it into a ruddy pulp when you are at your smuggestconsider yourself the lisicki to my womyn, the craven to my fiscal management, the tim to my vinay, the kev to my bag of sick, the cornwall to my belfast, the american poster to my superior australian posterone hundred million kilotons of sheer adulterous (edit: unadulterated) anger all concentrated into a single poo, where you are the toilet and your future identical to the contents of my local area's sewage piping (ie my shit (ie stagnating and being swamped with flies))all of this because you failed to respond to my cracking post and give me the respect i deserveyou horrible horrible hippoanyone who feels the need to say they didnt read a word of this shant read another word for the rest of their mortal lives (and their immortal ones if i can help it) once my nimble wrists have deployed their tonfas into your corneas Hey, Mr.

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