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James even had his own photo, framed above the computer saying in Latin “Ad nostram numerus unus fan, sit ille Requiescant in pace ...” It looked as though it was an epitaph, almost like a reef hung by a coffin.

He stared at the monitor as he found an animation program running as well as a few others, including a strange one with the symbol as an icon called “Insania Resurgens”.

Churchill comes over here To say we're doing splendidly But it's very cold out here in the snow, Marching to win from the enemy Oh I say it's tough, I have had enough Can you stop the cavalry?

In fact, to make sure you all even see this post, I have marked it with many different categories so when you do click it you will see this.well, by drinking plenty of diuretic fluids and strategically pissing myself throughout the day whenever i get too tired to focus on anything but the painand oh my what pain therell bea plethora, a myriad, a whopping great load of different flavours of agony - cramps, aches, twinges, possible fractures, dry eyes, runny noses, maybe even a severed jugular if im luckywon't it be lovely? That's right I know how to use my feet to make your face meet the pavment in no time.yes yes it will margaret that's the idea my love; now be a dear and fetch my bedpan; i crave a special kind of warmth for tonight's 4 hour rapid eye movement extravaganza (REME, because i am in fact a reem individual) and only you, margaret, and you florence, and YOU most of all mabel, sweetest of my sweet nectarines, can provide me with that which i most dearly desire Brilliant post my friend66879315chess nerds will say kasparov casuals will say bobbyi love bobby to death though, watch tons of docs on himultimately it will be irrelevant though since Magnus Carlsen (the current world #1) will take both their places as the undisputed goat66879326ahhhh superb post thiscan have a wee now and retire in peace, enjoying my (now 3 hours exactly) sleep and taking out my pension as soon as is convenient to scrape up enough for a trip to hawaii to throw myself into a volcano66879400yeah thats why i looked up bobby desu was reading about magnus and was blown awaytoo bad he wont get the attention Bobby got I don't think, at least since the cold war played such a role in bringing publicity to chess66879439You're about 5'6 and probably a few stone lighter. I will build a genocide machine, just to hunt you down and kill you, your family, any luckless bastard who's like you. I also have wordclass headbutts at the most random times that will send you in an out of body experience.What this means is that it will appear I have not written a blog for some time…I assure you I have.If you land on this blog page and do not see anything in the last couple of weeks, simply click on the little tab top left right underneath my header picture named HOME. Reckon this Irish lad has the 'violent' gene You know what I'm talking about. I spent my teenage years drinking and fighting and then took up boxing, now I'm disciplined and have a 4-0 win record I'm on my way to becoming fucking professional you rats!ESA originally designed Ariane 5 to launch the Hermes spaceplane, and thus intended it to be human rated from the beginning.Two satellites can be mounted using a SYLDA carrier (SYstème de Lancement Double Ariane, "Ariane Double-Launch System").Three main satellites are possible depending on size using SPELTRA (Structure Porteuse Externe Lancement TRiple Ariane, "Ariane Triple-Launch External Carrier Structure").Up to eight secondary payloads, usually small experiment packages or minisatellites, can be carried with an ASAP (Ariane Structure for Auxiliary Payloads) platform.

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  1. A desperate fear of settling, an overly-attuned eye for flaws, and a thirty-year habit of uninhibited self-prioritization.x By continuing to use Match, you agree to accept the installation of cookies so we can give you the best experience possible and tailor services and promotions to your interests.

  2. Search efforts continued the very next morning, but they were called off when no further radio contact was made with Sijan. During his violent ejection and very rough parachute landing on the karst ridge, Sijan had suffered a fractured skull, a mangled right hand, and a compound fracture of the left leg.