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Piven "PASSED" as to his answers on all questions.'Piven had previously vowed to take such a test, insisting the allegations made against him were 'absolutely false and completely fabricated'.

In a statement on Twitter, he said: 'Let me begin by saying that the accusations against me are absolutely false and completely fabricated. Period.'I have offered to take a polygraph to support my innocence.

Andy Lobo, another extra on the set said that she cried and told him that Piven had assaulted her; her mother likewise said Taneie was 'frantic' and 'crying' as she relayed the allegations at the time.

Taneie said she has only spoken up now because she 'was scared at the time nobody was going to believe me. I just wanted to go home.' HBO said in a statement that its records from the time don't show any complaints against Piven, and that it 'takes sexual harassment seriously' and is committed to ensuring 'a safe and comfortable work environment' for all its employees.

Buzz Feed said it contacted five ADs who worked on the relevant season of Entourage, of whom two did not respond, two made contact but then stopped communication and one offered no comment.

Araceli Giacoman, another background actor on the show, told Buzz Feed that she saw her follow Piven after he said he had something to tell her, and that 'It looked dark down there.'She said that Taneie looked 'a little distraught' and 'shaken' when she returned to the extras' room.

He only stopped when an assistant director (AD) walked past - and then demanded that she be taken off the set for coming onto him, she alleged.

The industry insider claimed Piven broke down in tears during filming of his new TV series, before walking off set in front of stunned production staff.

He was filming scenes for his new CBS series Wisdom of the Crowd at the TV network's studio in Los Angeles when he reportedly broke down.

Advertising executive Tiffany Bacon Scourby (left) says Piven attacked her in 2003 in his hotel room and actress Cassidy Freeman (right) also accused him of engaging in 'predatory behavior' against her when she was 'far too young''There is a feeling that he has become paranoid.

A request went around from the executives not to look at our phones when he was around,' she source said.'The suggestion was that he was thinking we were googling news about him or reading the allegations.

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