Intimidating threats

He was investigating corruption, abuse of power and torture by St Petersburg police. Both were severely beaten and their equipment was damaged.

In France, three journalists were targeted by the police and protesters while covering demonstrations that turned violent..

In Malta, a property developer filed 19 libel cases against a journalist who had reported that the developer was cutting a deal with the government to build a hotel and two tower blocks on a large and valuable tract of public land.

The previous month, the same journalist had her assets frozen through precautionary warrants filed by the economics minister and an EU presidency policy officer.

In September 2015, the platform expanded to monitor Russia, Ukraine and Belarus and in February 2016, it included Azerbaijan.

Almost all of the detained Belarusian journalists were prosecuted for covering protests around Freedom Day on 25 March.

Others have harassed, detained and intimidated journalists.

All of these actions debase and devalue the work of the press and undermine a basic foundation of democracy,” Hannah Machlin, project manager at Mapping Media Freedom, said.

Deaths One Russian journalist was killed in the first quarter of 2017.

In March, Yevgeny Khamaganov, editor-in-chief of Asia-Russia Daily and The Site of the Buryat People, died under unexplained circumstances.

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