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Baldwin's fans defended him, saying his comments were not aimed at the victims and that he was offering a wider commentary on the mere existence of such cash settlements as those he described. He's pointing out that women are cornered to accept these settlements,' said one.Weinstein is hiding out in Arizona where he may be arrested any day and extradited to New York to face charges.I wear this medal with pride.’Earlier on Saturday, when Baldwin announced he would refrain from tweeting in response to the backlash over his comments about Mc Gowan and Weinstein, Argento tweeted: ‘So Alec Baldwin is taking a hiatus from Twitter to meditate about his words on Rose Mc Gowan and gender equality.We won’t miss you bully boy.’The ‘bully boy’ reference was from comments Baldwin made on Thursday when he acknowledged bullying and mistreating women."I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you're a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn't care about what you do as far as I'm concerned."Once again I have made an ass of myself trying to get to a phone.The NYPD announced this week that it believed it had credible and sufficient evidence to issue a warrant for his arrest.He is also being investigated in London and Los Angeles over separate sexual assault and harassment claims.

Mc Gowan, who has led an unrelenting commentary on the Weinstein sexual assault scandal since it erupted last month, responded furiously to his remarks.'Told you everyone knew. Bourdain came to his girlfriend’s defense, tweeting to Baldwin: ‘You are really too dumb to pour piss out of a boot.’Baldwin fired back at Bourdain, tweeting: ‘You should stick to eating worms and keep your mouth shut.’Baldwin then blocked both Bourdain and Argento. Argento tweeted: ‘I’ve been blocked on Twitter by Alec Baldwin.Mc Gowan accepted 0,000 from Weinstein in 1997 after an alleged encounter in hotel room.It was part of an agreement that the case would not be prosecuted further but was not an admission of guilt on Weinstein's part, according to The New York Times which viewed a legal document detailing the agreement.After a handful of women aired claims that Weinstein had either harassed or raped them at the start of October, Mc Gowan claimed on Twitter that she had been raped by 'HW'.She did not use his name but said she told Amazon studio head Roy Price about the attack and said nothing was done to help her.Scroll down for more The actor has been banned by a court from seeing his 11-year-old daughter, Ireland, after unleashing a string of insults at her on the telephone.Baldwin was furious when Ireland - who lives with her mother Kim Basinger in Los Angeles - did not answer the phone when she knew he was due to call from New York.On Saturday, Mc Gowan's fans supported her criticism of Baldwin and his remarks.'Finds a way to blame women. 'Leave it to Alec Baldwin to perpetuate the victim blaming.Now it's Rose Mc Gowan's fault that Harvey Weinstein kept assaulting women.' 'The money is NOT the reason they don't speak out and Alec Baldwin is victim blaming,' another quipped.Argento was one of the first women to come forward in an interview with The New Yorker magazine and accuse Weinstein of orally raping her.Bourdain is the host of the popular CNN travel and food show Parts Unknown.

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