Islam and dating rules

The Nation of Islam is an African-American religious movement that incorporates Islamic elements with race-based theology.

Is the Nation of Islam the same as "regular" Islam, just with an all-black membership? There are significant differences between Nation of Islam (NOI) and traditional Islam, including the function of prophets and whether or not Allah has incarnated.

This controversy stems largely from a misconception regarding the reasons behind Islamic dress rules.

In reality, the way in which Muslims dress is really driven out of simple modesty and a desire to not draw individual attention in any way.

Islamic dress sometimes draws criticism from non-Muslims; however, dress requirements are not meant to be restrictive for either men or women.

For women: In general, standards of modesty call for a woman to cover her body, particularly her chest.

The Quran instructs that clothing is meant to cover our private areas and be an adornment (Quran ).

Clothing worn by Muslims should be clean and decent, neither excessively fancy nor ragged.

In many predominantly Muslim countries, men's traditional dress is somewhat like a loose robe, covering the body from the neck to the ankles.

The Prophet Muhammad once warned that in later generations, there would be people "who are dressed yet naked." See-through clothing is not modest, for either men or women.

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