Islam dating service

Helahel is a place for single Muslims to interact with others who hold the same traditional Islamic values and meet a partner for marriage.At Helahel, we want to help build strong relationships built on shared principles and trust, which is why this site is completely free to use.Only registered users can browse profiles, so you can be assured that only genuine Muslims can see the information that you are happy to display. We understand that passwords get forgotten, so we’ve created a forgotten password page to create a new one.

Your details are securely stored on our database and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Helahel is one of the very few Muslim matrimony sites which are completely free.

There are many matrimony sites which claim to be free but unfortunately aren’t actually 100% free.

Simply sign up and browse single Muslim profiles until you find one that matches your own values before interacting.

This is a space for singles to safely discover a wider range of marriage options without feeling pressured to interact with unsuitable matches.

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