Jonathan goodhand corrupting consolidating peace

The problem of corruption has become increasingly important in war to peace transitions, eroding confidence in new democratic institutions, undermining economic development, diverting scarce public resources, and reducing the delivery of vital social services.

Conflict-affected countries offer an ideal environment for pervasive corruption.

Strong leadership from the top is needed that moves towards the goal of a more legitimate and better functioning government and sidelines those who have in the past been using the state as a tool for private gain through threats and intimidation.

International assistance can, in principle, help, but it needs to be tailored to avoid exacerbating the underlying problem created by the mixture of corruption and threats of violence from those inside and outside the government. Corruption, Peacebuilding, and Reconstruction Many conflict-affected countries are among the most corrupt in the world, and corruption is frequently reported as a major concern of local populations and foreign aid agencies during transition to peace.

Care must be taken in starting down the road to reform.

It finds that the sudden inflows of donor aid into post-conflict countries and the desire of peacebuilding actors (including the UN, the IFIs, aid agencies, and NGOs) to disburse these funds quickly, create incentives and opportunities for corruption.

The issue of why anti-corruption measures taken during post-conflict transitions have often not achieved their objectives is also discussed.

Part I: Conceptualising Corruption 2 Conceptualising Corruption in Peacebuilding Contexts (Oxford) The article argues that questions of definition relating to corruption are central to understanding its significance and its prominence in peacekeeping contexts.

Definitional issues are discussed and a definition that combines certain universal features while acknowledging the importance of local norms and rules is offered.

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