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Peacebuilding strategies must avoid triggering vicious spirals.

An economy that is jumpstarted by giving monopoly powers to a few prominent people may produce a society that is both lacking in competition and unequal.

Corruption and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding (PDF here) This introductory chapter explores the complex relationship between corruption and peacebuilding.

It argues that fighting corruption is only one of several important peacebuilding objectives, and that due consideration must be given to the specific social and political context in considering how a sustainable peace can be achieved.

What is less well known is how corruption can shape the possibilities and character of a transition to peace.

The challenge for peacebuilders is to develop and enforce standards for public office that have sufficient linkage with local norms and expectations to command some support, and to do so in a context that, by definition, lacks consensus on norms and principles of legitimacy for public office.Part I: Conceptualising Corruption 2 Conceptualising Corruption in Peacebuilding Contexts (Oxford) The article argues that questions of definition relating to corruption are central to understanding its significance and its prominence in peacekeeping contexts.Definitional issues are discussed and a definition that combines certain universal features while acknowledging the importance of local norms and rules is offered.3 Corruption and Government In countries emerging from civil war with weak governments, bribery demands will be used opportunistically by officials operating under unclear rules that allow them to invent offences or simply to extort funds from ordinary people.Furthermore, many people may engage in illegal activities, such as smuggling or illicit trade in arms, and may need the protection of public authorities to continue to operate.The chapter begins by examining some of the problems arising from efforts to define corruption and the implications that these difficulties have for our analysis.It then examines in detail the impact of corruption on peacebuilding outcomes, as well as the impact of peacebuilding practices on corruption. I’m providing some more information on the core ideas since it won’t be available in paperback for at least 18 months. If you have journal access through your university library, earlier versions of some of the chapters are also available at International Peacekeeping.Their weak administrative institutions and fragile legal and judicial systems mean that they lack the capacity to effectively investigate and punish corrupt behaviour.In addition, the sudden inflow of donor aid into post-conflict countries and the desire of peacebuilding actors (including the UN, the international financial institutions, aid agencies, and non-governmental organisations) to disburse these funds quickly, create incentives and opportunities for corruption.

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