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No wonder that mortality figures are on the increase and there is a lack of energy in the people.

by Brian White VEGANISM IS IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD by Swami Narayanananda VEGANISM CAUSING PARKINSONS by Joel Fuhrman VEGAN TURN-AROUND in a book by Lierre Keith BEYOND BROCCOLI - a book by Susan Schenck in 2011 RICKETS IN 12-YEAR OLD VEGAN GIRL - Glasgow Scotland 2008 HOW OUR VEGAN DIET MADE US ILL - swollen stomachs, pitted teeth - UK 2008 MORE EX-VEGAN HEALTH TESTIMONIALS - summary at Julianne's Blog Note: INHS' diet position is based on these case examples and many more, of humans who have been damaged by vegan diets.Whether Duncan's switch to vegetarianism accelerated his early demise or not, one thing's for sure: It certainly didn't help him. These children, the skeletal development wasn't right, the dental arches were not well-formed, teeth came in crowded because of it.All the outlandish health benefits claimed for vegetarian diets clearly failed to materialize for Duncan. I noticed a great deal of boys that were born who were herniated who had what we call hydroceles.While his bulging musculature made eyes pop and jaws drop, his acting performance alongside Tom Hanks earned him a string of accolades, including Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for best supporting actor.Duncan's role was especially noteworthy given it was one of the few instances where a massive bodybuilder was given a "serious" and prominent role in a Hollywood feature film, instead of the usual typecasting as dumb goon or trigger-happy action hero.Then, I finally found that though there were slight improvements, they were not sufficient.So then I figured there's got to be an additional factor here. It was only after adding green stuff that I started to see in the pregnancies that followed, and also in the children that were grown, that came from these pregnancies, the difference.In the end he had to acknowledge the necessity for animal food.In 1946 he declared: "The crores of India today get neither milk nor ghee nor butter, nor even buttermilk.Anyone who deceives people in this regard or countenances the fraud is an enemy of India." These are strong words from a man who devoted most of his life to the search for a satisfactory vegetarian diet.But Gandhi's experience is not unique in the field of nutrition.

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