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Good day." As the picture faded out I had a very queasy feeling in my stomach. He can never have my heart." Tammy got a wistful look on her face and said "We cannot afford to lose this opportunity." I got angry at Tammy but she remained unflappable.

Instinctively I knew that Brandon's proposal would involve Tammy. We talked for a long time and at last I calmed down. An impossibly wonderful future was about to open for us.

He made enough money in four months to not have to work the rest of the year. But after a stroke, Uncle Bob wanted to show me the ropes for a season or two and then retire.

He wanted me to take over because he knew I was a good worker and because I was his favorite nephew.

We could shake the dust of this town from our shoes and no one in South Carolina would ever have to know that Tammy had been unfaithful to me.

Brandon was on time, like always, arriving in one of his more impressive sports cars.

It would be a wonderful place to raise the kids and would give us all a better outlook on life.

My uncle had a place at his concession stand on the pier.

He was dressed like a male model and carried a brief case. He strode into my house like he owned the place and parked himself in the chair opposite the sofa where Tammy still sat.

He eyed my wife hungrily, obviously undressing her with his eyes; like every other time he caught sight of her.

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