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READ: Thailand: Budget-friendly escapes for South Africans7.

Zambia Zambia is naturally the option of going on safari.

DHA spokesperson Mayihlome Tshwete says the department is now awaiting feedback on the proposal.

SEE: EU Visa-free travel: US loss of access to be SA's gain?

Globally, the ranking places our Green Mamba in the number 46 position, with Germany claiming the Top Spot as the world's most powerful passport.

Now that you know where all you can go without a visa, here are the Top 10 most popular visa-free destinations for South Africans according to Cheap za - 1.

Despite all the relaxing between baking in the sun and cooling off in the clear blue waters, it’s also full of adventure.

Destinations like Thailand, Argentina and the Republic of Ireland all fall under this list of diverse countries, along with our neighbouring countries - ever popular destinations for border-crossing Saffas.

But there is also the unparalleled experience of the Victoria Falls.

Vantage points such as Knife-Edge Bridge, Devil’s Pool and Lookout Tree, offer awe-inspiring views of the rushing Zambezi river on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe (also visa-free) – as well as gorges, forests and of course the falls themselves.

Cape Town - If there is one thing any serious travel enthusiast loves more than a good stay or flights bargain - it's ease of access when it comes to visiting a particular destination.

We have to admit the African Union's move to create an AU passport has us salivating at the thought of being able to travel the length and breadth of the African continent without any visa hassles - admittedly there are many challenges, secure capturing of biometrics being one of them - but we certainly live in hope.

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