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There are already over one billion downloads of the app. According to a roundup by the Huffington Post, some of the app's security terms have the potential to be pretty intrusive. Also, what if we're doing something embarrassing (ex.

Do those one billion know what they've gotten themselves into? Chances are, we all thought the Messenger app was pretty harmless. Since absolutely no one reads those pesky "Terms of Service," it's easy to see how Facebook has gotten away with this for so long. If you've already downloaded the app or are considering it, here are the most insane-sounding breaches of privacy you could be subject to, word for word:"Allows the app to call phone numbers without your intervention. Malicious apps may cost you money by making calls without your confirmation."So what you're saying is you can call our grandparents on a whim whenever you feel like it? going to the bathroom, having excessively loud sex, crying alone while watching ) and you decide to just drop on in?

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While you're protected by law, litigating any offenses through court is nearly impossible in reality.

That one girl from high school is knocked up, your ex is dating someone new and your aunt has been commenting on your pictures more than usual.

Oh, and did we mention the main Facebook app is eventually getting rid of its inbox feature? Malicious apps may cost you money by sending messages without your confirmation."We don't need this in our lives, especially if "malicious" apps are going to cost us money.

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If you're part of the majority that use Facebook on a mobile device, you've noticed a few changes lately.

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