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Go with what's right." "What's right is what's going to make me happy," Rob responded.

Michael told his mom he was still surprised from Erica's "Okay, well you don't ever want to see it," Michael said.

It's just the best feeling in the world," Lauren said after being chosen by Rob. "I was so happy that he selected Lauren, and maybe he really believes and follows the thoughts that I follow and that I believe in and he knows where he supposed to go." season finale began with the three "momma's boys" going on a final date in the U. The two also discussed Mindy, whom Jo Jo felt had not been given a fair shot by his mother.

However, Khalood felt took offense when Jo Jo began siding with Mindy over her.

Jo Jo had been placed in the awkward situation by his mother's refusal to select a third woman to advance to the show's final two rounds against Jo Jo's two selections: Mindy and Julie Bornemann, a 22-year-old fashion designer from Edwardsville, IL who Jo Jo eliminated at the end of penultimate episode.

(According to Khalood, none of the show's women, including Mindy, were good enough for her son.) "This is the first time that I ever stood up to my mom and just put my foot down and been successful with it," Jo Jo said of his decision.

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However, Lorraine also realized that she would have a tough time downplaying Erica's revelation after objecting to Meghan. Rob said that he had a great time with Lauren but was still undecided and added that Camilla also "had things that Lauren doesn't have." "You're right, and there are a lot of things that Lauren has that Camilla will never get," Esther responded.

"Do I go to my son now and I say 'Okay Mike, it wasn't okay with Meghan, although you had a connection, but because I love Erica it's okay? Could you see Camilla sitting at our Passover table, sweetie?

You can see Camilla as much as you want, not on a date, not on a weekend.

"I hope she chooses Erica." Jo Jo had an especially tough time talking with his mother about his decision, particularly because his mother was one of his two choices. "I want you to fall in love, but none of these girls are good enough for you.

"I know you're falling for Mindy, she's a good girl, but she's not for us, for you," Khalood told him. "I know, so I'm gonna leave that up to you, but you know what? Honest to God, they're not." "It's really hard to let go of my son," she said later in tears.

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