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Mined in quarries within the Jurassic neighborhood, where the Three Portlands are closest to the Isle of Portland.This piece originates in Quarry 17, owned by the Inditech Construction Company, where the entity made its first appearance.Entity shows moderate to severe signs of stress at all times because of its condition.

Any steel will have an outline around where it would be.Capabilities: It is capable of filter-feeding concepts from a particular area, as well as being able to 'swim' through solid objects.Eaten concepts will disappear within the area and will reappear two hours later.The central goal of the group is to reach a state of "concept providence" or "conceptual singularity," which are considered godhood.Membership includes various scientists, anartists, transhumanists, and at least one nonhuman citizen. Ao A members release 700 metaphysically altered frogs designed as insect-based conceptuvores.The object was formerly in the possession of the Associates of Apotheosis (hereafter Ao A), a terrorist organization/cult active within the Three Portlands since the early 1980s, and associated with similar incidents.It is unknown how the device is operated, and is under active research.The entity will pass into a solid object larger than itself and vanish.Piece of rebar: An eight foot piece of rebar formerly part of the Lee Van Cleef Memorial Overpass, which had been consumed by the entity.Frogs also had anomalous surgery performed on the thyroid, increasing appetite capacity and decreasing energy expenditure.As such, all insects in a thirty block radius were rendered conceptually null. Ao A members first brought to UIU attention and imprisoned for two years. At PM the shark manifests within Quarry 3, owned by the Inditech Construction Company in the Jurassic District.

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