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She first began singing at church and then performed in school musical productions.

Her big-break came during 2008 when she was cast for the role of Megan in the television series Life Bites.

The 28-year-old's string swimsuit flaunted her toned legs and her flat stomach.

She wore her dark, curly hair in a loose bun perfect for the weather and donned a pair of shades before taking a dip and toweling off.

:/, I drop my i Pod then my headphones save it's life. Gibson Photography, Leigh Anne Tuohy, Prayers for Kylie, God's little Warrior, Mc Donald's, Student Programming Board, CI Confessions, Bronte Maria Photography, Calvary Christian Academy - Royal Knights, matthew gray gubler (as official as it gets)!

(:, Beauty Journal, adding haha to the text so it doesnt sound so mean, I don't care if the spider's "not hurting anyone", I want it dead., what are you supposed to do when everyone is singing happy birthday to you? , Nick Roux, Batman, The Yogurt Mill, House of Blues San Diego, Matt Bomer, Ray-Ban, Tumblr, Disney, American Indians, Mc Donalds, Join This If Your Parents have ever Called you with wrong name, University of Neverland, ohh your dating my ex? I'm eating a sandwich, do you want those left overs too?

*Awkward silence*, boys who treat their girlfriends right., The Best 2 Days Of Shool , The First Day &nd The Last Day ;), Sterling Knight, The urge to smile when someone is yelling at you, "HE' S CUTE I SWEAR LET ME FIND A BETTER PICTURE", I'm a CHRISTIAN & I'm PROUD, "Worst. Ever." [pause] "Let's do it.", Laughing so hard you clap like a retarded seal, the small conversation that starts a friendship, Class Dismissed, That's Style, If only you lived closer...On Saturday, the beauty was again joined on a Melbourne shopping trip with David Ferrer's wife Marta Tornel, hunting bargains as their partners chased the points.Sofia encourages Gabi to start dating again in the hopes she’ll move on from Josh.Despite having dated Nadal since 2005, this year's Australian Open was the first time she had accompanied him to a grand slam.The brunette's face was a roller coaster of emotions as her tennis pro beau eventually lost his match to Roger Federer in a five set classic: 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3.From one of the front rows of the court she displayed a mixture of emotions as she rode the five set roller coaster alongside her man only to eventually see him lose.Xisca, whose full name is Francisca, has shunned the spotlight that dating a world-famous sports star brings.' 'at home.' 'and what's it doing there?She's rarely seen at her boyfriend Rafael Nadal's tennis matches, but Xisca Perello was certainly on show at St Kilda Beach., Turn Facebook camo colored for a week to support our troops!, Dear 8 year old, Get off of facebook and go back to club penguin, Like this if youu wanna hang out with someonee you miss rite now(:, 'where's your book?!

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