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Meaning, your favorite story about you two just hanging out as friends outside of the Man Show and your other various entertainment ventures together. I was a huge fan of Uncle Frank and it was very sad to see him pass. Could you tell us a story about him that has never been told before? I do appreciate the fact that Howard waited until we were on TV to tell me he didn't like it.

That is why I love him Does anyone else find it disturbing that more and more celebs are whoring themselves out on Reddit for attention?

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in the sense that you wanted to tell the American public something that you know, being a very iconic person who knows a lot of 'behind the scenes stuff' as far as what the average working american would know, but was told by the network that it would be too much for them to handle.

Okay, conspiracy theorist statement to the max, but here is where my question stems from: I have a tucked away dream that if I were ever to become the president, I would learn everything that's right with American, and everything that's wrong with america, and shut myself in the oval office with a Camera that broadcasts to the entire nation and tell them whatsup on the for real real. We're you raised on our good NY pizza, and then desired something better than the bullshit they have in LA? That way he won't go on air and talk about how he didn't recognize anyone.

I guess I'm just wondering If you've ever been censored for trying to be too real with your audience?

Do you feel for them or do you just think it's kind of funny?

Let me start by saying I grew up on The Man Show and was devastated when you and Adam Carolla were replaced by those two ass-clowns.

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