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One of a mother’s significant worries, among many, are “Will my child starve?

” Give your grad a few gift cards to local eateries where they will be going to college or settling down.

Captain America Gloves - Crochet a pair of Captain America gloves in any size for the superheros at your house!

Silhouette Blocks - Get your scrapbook paper and vinyl out- its time to make some cute and simple decor for the Halloween Holiday!

A creative and smart investment, buy your new grad shares in a company of their choice.Getting a toolset, although lackluster at first, has come in “handy” throughout life.This gift, plus a free lesson in basic car maintenance, is perfect for both guys and girls headed out on their own.We all want our mommies when the slightest sign of the sniffles hit.But when mom’s not there, what better than a first aid kit loaded with medicine to treat every ailment.Just enter any college town grocery store and they are milling with malnourished students hovering around the ramen noodles.When living on a tight budget, a grocery store gift card can be a lifesaver. Give them a gas card with the expectations that they are to visit home often!So make the transition easier by stocking that new grad up with all of the food essentials he or she may need.Dish towels, dish cloths, scrub brushes, dish detergent, utensils, plastic plates, bowls, glasses, etc., and maybe the caution: don’t put dish soap in the dishwasher (not that anyone ever does that! Towels, washcloths, bathroom cleaners, *shower sandals (for those nasty dorm showers), shaving gear, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup for girls, etc.Many of you raved about this little cooking beauty that made dorm cooking so much easier.For , a novice chef can cook a gourmet meal right in the microwave. Mask the musk with a plug-in warmer filled with delicious fragrances that will smell like home sweet home.

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