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Apart from hotels, the watering holes of Delhi are concentrated around Connaught Place, with various outposts in the more prosperous southern suburbs.Wine in Delhi is very expensive and frequently of indifferent quality - those who wish to drink would be well advised to stick to beer, spirits or cocktails.In comparison, couples from other Asian nations like China, Hong Kong and Japan are worse off, being least likely to reach an orgasm everytime during sex.

Choice, funky music is always playing, and there are some worthwhile parties on Saturday nights Considered as one of the elegant resto-bars in town, it is an ideal place to have a few drinks at the end of the day. There is always a live lounge band, and the drinks keep on coming if you can afford it.

As well known, Delhi has a long way to go to compete with Mumbai as the capital of Indian nightlife.

In Delhi, it is notoriously difficult to obtain an alcohol licence and many of the swishest watering holes and nightclubs are in the five-star international hotels - with prices to match.

Although clubs and bars are multiplying in Delhi, you still have to look hard for them.

Whenever you feel enjoying like dancing, the best option probably is to go one of the big hotels that probably has a private club and bar.

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