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My secretary, the well-named Eleanor Bonsaint, offered professional, cheerful help in countless matters.Thanks go also to Marianne Teuber and to Sabrina Detmar and Jennifer Riddell of MITs List Visual Arts Center for advice on the jacket art.

Each of the two big ideas — computation and evolution — then gets a chapter.

I didn't write it only for professors and students, but I also didn't write it only to “popularize science.” I am hoping that scholars and general readers both might profit from a bird's-eye view of the mind and how it enters into human affairs.

At this high altitude there is little difference between a specialist and a thoughtful layperson because nowadays we specialists cannot be more than laypeople in most of our own disciplines, let alone neighboring ones.

After serving on the faculties of Harvard and Stanford universities he moved to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he is currently Professor of Psychology and Director of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience.

Pinker has studied many aspects of language and of visual cognition, with a focus on language acquisition in children.

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