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Via de rubriek "Accountgegevens" op Lexamore, of via de contactinformatie die is verstrekt in de Algemene Voorwaarden kunt u toegang tot uw gegevens verzoeken, alsmede wijziging of verwijdering daarvan, of bezwaar maken tegen de verwerking daarvan door de Meetic Group.Sommige onderdelen van de informatie die u verschaft (foto's, uw profiel, lifestyle) kunnen uw etnische afkomst, nationaliteit, religie e.d. Dit is uw eigen keuze en gebeurt onder uw eigen verantwoordelijkheid.Better yet, ask several – and have them rank their favorites.

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When you start swapping messages with someone you’re interested in, timing is important.Gather even more opinions online with sites like Photo Feeler.Invest some time in your photo selection, it will pay off in the end.But here’s the secret in a nutshell: Here’s an example, which works well because most women enjoy travel: See what kind of a response each message gets – if it has a poor response rate, tweak it or use a different one.Pretty soon you’ll have an arsenal of messages women can’t wait to respond to.You want to be responsive, but you also want her to think you’ve got an active, full life offline.Think about what kind of image you want to project.She’ll also be checking you out before responding to your icebreaker message, so don’t make poor choices like these guys did.If you have a headline along the same lines as Truthizntheeyez’s poetic nod to King Kong, head on over to the Edit Profile page and change it.Usernames should follow the same rules – don’t be desperate (Lonely Heart12), don’t be lazy (John123), and don’t be crass (Asstazztick). To generate interesting ideas, grab a piece of paper and write down some of your hobbies, words associated with your occupation, and words that are fun to say, like “sizzle”.That’s how you come up with gems like “Tech Viking”, “IJuggle Fire” and “Get Away Driver”. A good photo, interesting headline and username will get women to check you out.

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