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Earlier this week it was reported that the 67-year-old ex-wife of Elvis Presley appeared to have a new toy boy lover, in the form of the 40-year-old British TV presenter.But she has now told The Sun: "I'm very much single".Priscilla Presley is reportedly in a romance with UK television presenter Toby Anstis.

SIR Tom Jones has spoken for the first time about his relationship with Priscilla Presley, admitting her ex-husband Elvis would have reservations about them dating.She has since been in relationships with actor Mike Edwards, writer Marco Garibaldi and former Pop Idol judge Nigel Lythgoe.Sir Tom, who will be starring on the first live show of the ITV series on Saturday at 8.30pm, once admitted to sleeping with 250 groupies but believes he now gets the same level of attention from male fans as he does from “screaming women”.At the age of 22, Toby Anstis was the presenter at the Children’s television show on BBC The Broom Cupboard, then in 1995 he was BB2 host’s for The O-Zone music, I’m Famous and Frightened!, Big Brother’s Big Mouth (2006), made a cameo on Mongrels. Two years ago he starred as Teen Angel in the production of Grease, last year he appeared on Eggheads, the quiz show by BBC. well Anstis used to date Stephanie Stewart But if you look at the photos below he is certainly dating Priscilla Presley.Priscilla Presley has denied that she is dating TV host Toby Anstis, following alleged sightings of the pair looking loved up in public.Priscilla, 67, was of course married to rock icon Elvis Presley.It was the first time I met him." Priscilla married King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis back in 1967 when she was just 21.They had daughter Lisa-Marie, together, before divorcing in 1973.But it seems that Priscilla Presley has change her taste in man and gone for fresh meat, after all she has been romantically linked to British radio presenter Toby Anstis, who is very close to her ex-boyfriend Nigel Forsyth, well actually Nigel represents Toby.42-year-old Toby Anstis was born on December 14, 1970 in Northampton, England, he studied at Berkshire’s boy school Desborough School, and then graduated with a degree in marketing and psychology from the e University of Surrey Roehampton.

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