Queued updating about ukarine datings

If the old GUID stored in the transaction matches the GUID in the publication, the publication is updated and the row is assigned the new GUID that was generated by the Subscriber.

The conflict resolver choices are the following: When the conflict resolution is set to the Publisher wins, transactional consistency is maintained based on the data at the Publisher.The conflicting transaction is rolled back at the Subscriber that initiated it.The Queue Reader Agent detects a conflict and compensating commands are generated and propagated to the Subscriber by posting them in the distribution database.Updatable subscriptions for transactional replication allow Subscribers to replicate changes to the Publisher.Because queued updating subscriptions allow modifications to the same data at multiple locations, there may be conflicts when data is synchronized at the Publisher.If you only make changes that affect the publication level, update the publication only.Certain changes in a series or other publication may also require updates to the parent community, if any, and the repository level.These include changes to a publication title or breadcrumb label, since these can appear as browse links at various levels of the repository.in the sidebar of the community’s Configuration tab to make those changes public.After making changes, you may need to update in only one location.In other cases, you’ll need to update in more than one of the following locations to display the changes at all levels where they appear.

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