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To that end, Signal and Whats App are easily the most popular. Secure messaging apps are growing in popularity as we all come to realize how much data companies collect about us every day.

Unlike phone calls, it’s much easier to imagine some giant corporate entity or government getting ahold of one of your chat transcripts and using it for nefarious means.

How they store personal information and message metadata differs though. Metadata can show who you send a message to and when.

You might remember the term from the Snowden leaks, .

While Whats App doesn’t keep your messaging beyond the course of it trying to deliver that message (if the recipient is offline it’ll stay on Whats App’s servers until the message goes through), it does collect a lot of other information about you.

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Whats App allows you to send read receipts, see typing indicators, mute conversations, block contacts, set notifications, and customize what’s downloaded.It then keeps your IP address for as long as necessary to send the information.Like any service, Signal can and will turn over what information they have to a government entity that legally requests it, but they don’t have much in the way of data to begin with.They can also put that metadata together using other people’s information.For example, if you’re sharing your contact list, but a friend of yours is and you’re in it, then they can put those two pieces of information together.It’s also worth remembering that Facebook owns Whats App, which means it shares data for ad targeting., but it’s a noteworthy features because the relationship between the two is going to make some people uncomfortable.Both options are secure, but Signal is more privacy-friendly, partially because it lacks the number of features that Whats App has.Whats App was a messaging app first and added the security features later on. Because of this, Whats App has more now-traditional chat features.Let’s break down how both work: End-to-end encryption is a term we hear a lot these days, but how it works and why it’s important for security isn’t always clear.Long ago, we sent messages in plain text, meaning that anyone could see the contents of a message if they caught it while it travelled from sender to receiver.

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