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None of this is bad by any stretch of the word, but it’s still worth noting.Security researchers also tend to worry about the fact that by default, Whats App backs up your data, including chat history, to your phone’s Google or i Cloud account.Both options are secure, but Signal is more privacy-friendly, partially because it lacks the number of features that Whats App has.Whats App was a messaging app first and added the security features later on. Because of this, Whats App has more now-traditional chat features.

So, if a third party, like a government, attempts to access those messages, they can’t see the content of that message; they’ll see a garbled bunch of characters.Both Signal and Whats App also include voice calling and video calling to round out the messaging apps.Whats App allows you to send read receipts, see typing indicators, mute conversations, block contacts, set notifications, and customize what’s downloaded.This means that people may accidentally hand over some data to a third party without realizing it.You can disable these backups of course, but many users may not realize it’s happening.While many apps out there that do this, including Apple’s i Message, Whats App and Signal lead the way in both popularity, platform availability, and features.Aside from messaging, both apps also include voice and video calling, though we’ll be concentrating on the text messaging capabilities of both here.You can send your location, what you’re listening to, a voice memo, add in GIFs, and more.If you’re on i OS, Whats App integrates with Siri so you can send messages or hear messages while on the go.How they store personal information and message metadata differs though. Metadata can show who you send a message to and when.You might remember the term from the Snowden leaks, .

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  1. Furthermore, you can even select the country that you want to find people in which makes it simple for you to pinpoint a type of stranger that you're looking to chat with.

  2. I found myself very comfortable stepping into a paternal, "don't do that", kind of personality around her." -- Michael Ironside (Gen. ~Erica was the first person I met on set, so she introduced me to everybody, and really helped me feel comfortable about me walking into a Season 5 of a successful show.