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Political martyrdom was a fundamental teaching of Moses Burg, the reclusive "prophet" who foretold the coming of the Anti-Christ in the form of a powerful dictator and the ascension of a One World Government.

After the raids, The New York Times, Time, Espanol, NBC and CNN all chimed in with prominently-placed features on the Family.[...] Silvina Cangaro, an interior decorator and former Family member, spoke to Gente, Argentina answer to People, of her recruitment: "When I became a member, I immediately took part in Satanic rites.

"The operated in a military fashion," Gabutti said, "looked and acted military.

The security measures taken by the sect are incredible.

He told the Post that "Family officials openly sympathized with right-wing military officers who tried to overthrow the government of.

'What we were doing was supplying all the moral support.'" One former member from Costa Rica told Argentina's Gente magazine on September 9 about her life inside the cult: "My father used to have certain privileges inside the organization," she said.

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