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Females are taught that they are to be bashful and quiet in all ways.In Literature, they are taught that they are to not even engage in a kiss without love being a priority.Furthermore, Western men tell that Ukrainian and Russian ladies are very shy, cannot or do not want to hug or kiss Western men, and it is really difficult sometimes to find out whether the woman is into you or not.That makes the cross-cultural communication more complicated, in my opinion.Even into dating and marriage, sex is a subject that is avoided at all costs.Those females who do engage in sexual intercourse before marriage try to keep it a secret for fear of rejection by society.As times change, it is hoped that women’s roles in the Russian and Ukrainian society change to conform to more modern standards.Women in these countries deserve more respect so that they do not fall into the sexual traps that are set for them by men who have less than honorable intentions.

They end up succumbing to sexual lives long before they are physically or emotionally ready.

This makes the woman unable to explore her own sexual thoughts and attitudes to form a healthy sex life for her future husband.

This causes more questions than answers and makes the subject of sex so taboo that females often form the wrong understanding of sex and these clouds how they respond to the marriage bed.

It could have been called, "If I knew then what I know now!

" as it brings together a range of information and advice to help cut short the learning process in a business where experience really does count.

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