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Reasons for complicated relationships Complicated relationships can emerge for a lot of reasons, all the way from falling out of love, falling in love with someone else, a bitter fight, a piercing remark, to confused affairs like bed buddies and relationships where one person is using the other.If you’re on the receiving end of a complicated relationship, don’t try to solve the complication just yet.Why is your relationship complicated in the first place?Learning to see the problem in clear light is the first step to solving any relationship issue.When you’re the one stuck in the painful end of a complicated relationship, it only means that your partner is using you or is just too selfish to care about anyone but themselves.

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You may find it easier to live in denial and avoid confronting the situation.

But even if you have to talk to your partner at the cost of losing a relationship or ending it altogether, do it. In most complicated relationships, one partner may be too much of a coward to end a relationship and may find it easier to avoid a partner and hope they get the hint.

By doing that, you’d at least know where the relationship is heading instead of groping in the dark.

Complicated relationships that just can’t work If you find yourself in a relationship where your partner constantly cheats on you or tells you they don’t want to be with you anymore but come back into your arms every now and then, or if your partner ignores you, it’s a definite sign that the relationship is heading nowhere.

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