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From a former Doheny barman and the guys behind Piano Bar, La Descarga is a painstakingly-designed, two-story ode to pre-Fidel Havana, complete with a secret entrance, weathered ceiling/walls, a felt banquette, bathrooms festooned with reprints of old, Cuban newspaper articles, and a bar made of white Carrera marble.In the back of Cole's -- specifically behind an oak door that's marked with a framed picture of a cocktail -- is The Varnish, a tiny bar from the vaunted mixologists behind New York's Milk & Honey and Little Branch.

Deputies found where the bullet had traveled from the room where the male was seated into the next room, through the female’s shoulder, then through another wall behind her with the bullet finally coming to rest in the living room.

This's another Houston Brothers bar (told you they were the kings) with a similarly single-minded theme: the building used to be a brothel and a hotel, so you're transplanted into both, with almost Disney-style attention to detail -- and a death-defying, high-stepping show every hour on weekends. On such a bizarre stretch of Vermont that the only way to describe it is "across from the Vons", Lock & Key is a speakeasy totally hidden behind this unassuming/terrifying unmarked red door.

How to get in: Get past the doorman, who'll show you to your room... This bar from the kings of the secret entrance (the Houston Brothers, it's the Houston Brothers), is a jaw-dropping, kind of hipster-y ode to the '70s, with DJs playing Fleetwood Mac, vintage beer cans, and hot chicks rollerblading. Knock on said door and a dude wearing a bowler and ascot will answer and let you in. Opening tonight, Seventy 7 Lounge's an LA speakeasy in the neo-classic sense: the only marking's a glowing "Cocktails" sign, and the only way in is to tell the doorman the password, accessible every day on their Twitter, which is now finally useful for something other than following @Gloria Steinem.

'I do worry that people are going to think this is something that's normal and happens very often, but in reality it doesn't.'In an angry blog post on the topic, Siouxsie Q wrote: 'Last month, thousands of Californians lost their jobs overnight.

On June 25, I began getting frantic phone calls from friends and colleagues about the shutdown of the sex work advertising platform, My

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