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“Errol was a gentle man and was a personal friend of mine who will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.His greatest legacy is that his music will live on.” Brown scored his first success with Hot Chocolate in 1970 with the top 10 track Love Is Life and went on to have more than 20 top 40 hits, many of which he wrote.“Then someone in the Apple office named us ‘The Hot Chocolate Band’; the record came out; had a lot of airplay … If you read the lyrics, you'll find another similar question: "where did you come from? Errol Brown a primit medalia de membru al Imperiului Britanic din mâinile reginei Elizabeth a II-a în anul 2003, pentru servicii deosebite aduse muzicii.

Share pe Facebook Artistul a murit în reşedinţa sa din Bahamas, în prezenţa soţiei sale, Ginette, şi a celor două fiice ale cuplului, Colette şi Leonie, a precizat managerul său, Phil Dale.His manager, Phil Dale, said the singer had suffered from liver cancer.Brown, who is survived by his wife Ginette and two daughters, Colette and Leonie, was made an MBE in 2003. He said: “There was always music around wherever he was.Brown's band Hot Chocolate was a favorite of Princess Diana's. Errol Brown, formerly of the band Hot Chocolate and the singer of “You Sexy Thing,” died of liver cancer in the Bahamas at age 71. And, when my mother first left to come to England, she left me back in Jamaica with an aunty for five years.” Brown went to England at 12 — missing out of the reggae explosion that put other Jamaicans of his generation, including no less a personage than fellow Kingstonian Bob Marley, in the international spotlight.(Reuters) The author of perhaps the strangest pick-up line in the history of pop music — “I believe in miracles/Where you from? The singer “had been poorly over the past few months but he never discussed it,” Phil Dale, Brown’s manager, told the Associated Press. He was an extremely good personal friend.” If Brown’s legacy seems defined by those asking the DJ to play one more at a wedding reception or by “You Sexy Thing’s” cameo in the film “The Full Monty,” his life story is straight out of Charles Dickens. “My life was very difficult in the early days,” Brown told Blues and Soul magazine a decade ago during what was billed as his farewell tour. But though Brown grew up half-a-world away, reggae stayed with him.He was like ‘You can’t do that to a John Lennon song! ’ ” So, in an effort to get permission, the song was sent to the offices of Apple, the Beatles nascent — and grossly mismanaged — record label.The outcome was, pretty much, ideal: John Lennon didn’t just like the song, he agreed to release it.Aby korzystać z pełnych funkcji serwisu, musisz pozwolić na przeglądanie zawartości Flash w przeglądarce.Naciśnij "zębatkę", aby włączyć obsługę Flash dla swojej przeglądarki.Părinţii i-au instalat băiatului de 13 ani o aplicaţie de monitorizare pe telefon.Prin intermediul acesteia au descoperit ceva ŞOCANT despre profesoara de 27 de ani a copilului.

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