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the administration wants) to have a person who had »^Mtloss career record, such OS Knache, to lake over as'Budi's chief ■ aide. It's a good long ri&r^Quid -jielsprettylong."-* T— -■-'■^-■—~~^^.-:.-v4 Few gains in arms GENEVA, Switzerland t UPI) -T)ie30-nation Dtsannament Conference ended a ninc-'wcck' spring se8Bl on-tod By T^ff Hh--flome-propre99-on T^ fllferal T-friendahlp-with-former P residcnt~="bannlng3Jl Enin!

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  1. Marriages among cousins of different degrees are somewhat common among Tagalogs.3) It is all right to publicly demonstrate decent affection, such as kissing, touching, and caressing.4) A young Filipina should reserve criticism after the first date, be discreet about her feelings, and the man must cover (pay for) all expenses.