Sophomore guy dating junior girl

“A woman who is well defined, strong, flexible, confident and goes after what she wants but can still remain a lady, is worthy of the cougar name,” Barkley said.

(Also, please don't think I'm weird for hanging out with guys 3 years younger me. I don't want to mess anything up in our relationship as friends...

I have a few guy friends in my grade/age, but the majority of seniors guys I know/are my age are jerks who want nothing more than sex, getting high/drunk and partying and/or have verbally abused- bullied- me in the past. He's pretty much the most amazing guy I've ever met and I don't want to mess anything up. I'm not sure how well this applies to your situation, but I just figured I'd share, because it might be helpful.

I build friendships based on maturity, shared interests and respect- not by age. You're positive that he likes you and you say that you would answer yes if he were to ask you out, so why not ask him out first? In September, I asked out this girl I had (and have) a huge crush on. Brilliant (smarter than I am, though she'd never admit it), quirky, idiosyncratic, incredibly nerdy, awkward (which I find quite endearing), sweet, enthusiastic, genuinely kind.

“Many women start dating younger men when they are in their 20's,” Barkley says.

“Regardless of what age a woman starts indulging her Cougar side, if it's for her, she maintains it throughout her life.” That depends.

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