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For elections to Sefton Council, Formby is divided between two electoral wards with three councillors each.Harington ward, whose councillors are Nina Killen - Labour Party, Gillian Cuthbertson - Independent Conservative, and Denise Dutton - Conservative, and Ravenmeols ward, whose councillors are Catie Page - Labour Party, Tim Hale - Labour Party, Maria Bennett - Formby Residents Action Group.In 2016, the newly opened Wetherspoons pub in the town was named 'The Lifeboat' in honour of the original lifeboat station.Formby is home to RAF Woodvale, a small RAF station on the outskirts of the town.Large areas of this land are protected by the National Trust.Formby is in a temperate climate zone, with mild winters and warm summers.Tradition says that the Viking invaders failed to defeat the native Anglo-Saxons on the coast of Formby, so they sailed inland, up the River Alt, and attacked from the rear.

Formby's highest point is within the sand dunes that separate the Irish Sea from Formby, sand dunes are ever changing in shape and formation so there is no fixed point.

Formby's coastline faces an ongoing threat from water based erosion, with high tides washing away yards of sand dunes.

In an attempt to stem this, in some years discarded Christmas trees are collected and planted by rangers to help slow this effect.

The MP for Crosby from 1997 until 2010 was Claire Curtis-Thomas, a member of the Labour Party, prior to her election the seat was generally considered to be a safe Conservative Party stronghold with Tory MPs elected at every election barring the Crosby by-election, 1981 where Shirley Williams of the Social Democratic Party was elected to represent the constituency.

As a result of the Crosby constituency being abolished for the 2010 general election, Formby is part of the newly created Sefton Central constituency represented by Bill Esterson, a member of the Labour Party.

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