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Return to Main Menu Howard Jones from Perth, Australia, was involved with the completion of an O-200 powered Fly Baby, and sent along the following performance figures. These were the measured results from a field at 50 foot elevation during a 68-degree (F) day, with no wind: Distance of ground run 265 feet/81 metreslift off to 50' 450 feet/137 metrestotal distance 715 feet/218 metresadd 30% safety factor = 925 feet/283 metres Take off Distance Speed at 50ft 57 MPH/50 KIAS50' to touchdown 640 feet/196 metresground roll 660 feet/201 metres (moderate braking)add 30% safety factor = 1700 feet 516 metres recommended landing distance.Suggested minimum runway distance for this aircraft: 1975 feet/600 metres. A 2,000 foot runway is pretty much my threshold of "pucker factor".The 'Baby isn't a fast airplane by any stretch of the imagination, so bigger engines don't really buy you much.You're better off with the lighter weight (and lower fuel burn) of the little Continentals.If you build the monoplane wings first, you'll have something to fly while building the extra wings.

The biplane wings take longer to build, since there are four panels and a center section, and they're swept rather than straight.

You can do this once the fuselage is done (The prototype was converted after completion), but it is, of course, easier during construction.

Switching back and forth between the wings takes two people about an hour. While I helped on a wing swap, I never flew the biplane version.

On the subject of the Continentals, both 'Babies I've flown have been powered by the C-85. The performance difference was marked, especially considering I was heavier than the pilots flying the 65 HP versions.

Tom Staples has replaced his A-65 with a C-85, and his daughter reports that his cruise went from 80 to 95 MPH and his rate of climb from 500 to 1000 FPM! Draggy airplanes need large propellers, and your typical VW ends up with a little 42" toothpick to be able to turn the 3400 RPM where it produces 65 HP.

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