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The Fly Baby can be built as a biplane as well as a monoplane.

The two monoplane wing panels are replaced by four smaller ones, plus a center section for the top wing.

Do you just make "Hundred Dollar Hamburger" runs on the weekends? EAA Judges rate aircraft at Fly-Ins, not only on how well the builder did, but on how difficult the airplane was to build.] Return to Main Menu Bowers recommends Continentals between 65 and 85 horsepower.The biggest engine I've heard of is a Lycoming O-290 (~125 HP).I've landed in shorter fields, but they take good concentration.If you've got unobstructed approaches, the 660-foot ground roll is definitely doable.] [RJW Note: Don't forget, these figures are with a 100 HP engine!Other than appearances, there isn't much advantage. In monoplane or biplane configuration, the Fly Baby does meet the US rules for Sport Pilot.In the United States, you do not need an FAA medical to fly a Fly Baby.It is built primarily of wood, with fabric covering.Most are powered by Continental A-65, C-75, C-85, or O-200 engines.My advice: Build a monoplane first, to have something to fly, and build the biplane wings in your spare time after the first flight.The biplane wings take longer to build, since there are four panels and a center section, and they're swept rather than straight.

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