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Faith., Kibler Marie Wilson., FAith Caldwell., Faith Tressler ., Faith caldwelltressler many not known by me Louis C Hollingsworth., Louis Hollingsworth., Craig Hollingsworth.m WARNING ABOUT THESE DANGEROUS DRUG USERS., SHOPLIFTERS., THEIVES., STANKY., FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS WILL YA PLEASE HELP ME?I KNOW BECAUSE IM A HANDICAPPED ., SENIOR ., RETIRED VIETNAM VET NOBODY WILL HELP ME.Jesse Ortega, a high school football coach in California, is seen here posing with bins of 8 and 16 millimeter reels of film that hold clips of the Delano High School football team running the fly offense. .“That means ‘the fly’ in Spanish,” said Jesse Ortega.You’ll see the fly on Saturday in Tiger Stadium, when LSU hosts Arkansas in their yearly SEC West showdown.You’ve seen the fly all year — it is the central component to LSU offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s offense.

He went to a couple of (high school) championships. The fly was passed from one coach to another, from one region to the next, making its way from the dry heat of one valley to the cool breezes of Monterey.

The offense is believed to have been created by former Delano High coach by Gene Beck.

Gene Beck’s creation — the fly offense — lives here still, preserved in plastic storage bins inside Ortega’s classroom at Cesar Chavez High School in Delano, California.

The motion man is a threat as a rusher or receiver. CBS color analyst Gary Danielson, during the broadcast of LSU’s loss to Alabama, described Canada’s fly offense as an “inverted” triple option.“In the option, you have the assignment inside-out, with the fullback, (quarterback), and pitch is the last phase,” Danielson said.

“In this offense, the jet sweep is the first phase. Everything flows off of that.”The next phases are decoys if the sweep is carried out: the running back dive, a tight end shovel pass, a quarterback keeper and speed option.

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