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" Spin the Bottle is currently in private beta and set to be released on the App Store in the coming weeks.

To be among the first to play, users may request beta invites at https:// Spin the Bottle is the first-of-its-kind video dating app, now in beta on i OS. v=r4Nb CRzx Mfk Logo - To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit: Spin Labs, Inc.

"Spin the Bottle has always been a game of chance, so we want users to feel that excitement as the bottle spins and they enter into these face-to-face video dates," added Cohen.

If they're feeling the love, they can give their date a kiss and see if they return the affection. Spin the Bottle lets you meet in real time using advanced face detection technology so that when no face is detected, the image is blurred out.Spin the Bottle is a popular game for making new friends, chat and date. Spin the Bottle is really simple and exciting, you can login throught Facebook and immediately start playing.The players can play “Spin the Bottle” game, and at the same time chat, flirt, meet new people, make new friends. The video chat has been localized into English, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Latvian and Russian languages.Bottlegame video chat is the first internet service that perfectly balances traditional online dating services and video chat.The one of the players spins the bottle and when the bottle stops, the person, towards whom the mouth of the bottle is pointed, will be kissed by the person who rotated the bottle.Now the Bottle Game site gives every internet user an opportunity to play this wonderful game online./PRNewswire/ -- Spin Labs today announced the launch of Spin the Bottle, its video dating app for i OS.A new take on the classic party game, Spin the Bottle reimagines the online dating experience with 30 second live video speed dates.Soon the full version of video chat will become available for i OS, while Android users can already video chat on the go!Online multi-user video chat Bottle Game offers a completely new approach to online dating and communication.

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