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“Our goal is to bring awareness to the problem of teen dating violence in the month of February and encourage people to take action toward a solution.”“Students at Stacey Junior/Senior High School will be active participants in helping spread the word about teen dating violence prevention to their peers by posting information on social networks and creating different games and activities that focus on the issue,” he said. “Students will present poems that focus on healthy dating relationships and the impact of cyberbullying and social media on teens.”JBSA-Randolph Youth Programs will be the site of a program called “In Their Shoes” at p.m. The Jeans for Teens Shelter Drive is again planned at JBSA-Randolph, Nance said.The FAP is working with the JBSA-Lackland sexual assault response coordinator, teen center and the Lackland Independent School District to set up information tables at Stacey Junior/Senior High School and the teen center.“We will also share information and resources with unit first sergeants, spouses’ groups, the Military & Family Readiness Center and other agencies and individuals to spread information about teen dating violence,” he said.“The poetry slams will be conducted Feb. Donations of gently used blue jeans may be placed in collection boxes at JBSA-Randolph Youth Programs, the chapel office and the medical clinic throughout the month.One in three teenagers – nearly 1.5 Million – in a romantic relationship admits to being in an unhealthy relationship.While both boys and girls can be victims of teen dating violence, girls are far more likely to suffer.These include: Teens who are in violent or abusive relationships are also more likely to be in unhealthy or abusive relationships later in life.Many domestic abusers report having been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused as a child or teenager.Many victims of teen dating violence do not seek assistance or guidance because they are embarrassed, afraid of the repercussions from parents, or fearful of what their peers will think.

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Parents should also have an open, honest dialogue with their teenage children about what a healthy relationship should look like.”In military communities, teens and parents have a variety of resources to turn to when addressing teen dating violence, including military and family life counselors, chaplains, Military One Source and TRICARE, Nance said.Dating violence includes psychological and emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.It occurs with casual dating or serious long term relationships.This belief is amplified if teens are witness to violent, abusive, or unhealthy relationships at home.Teens involved in unhealthy or abusive relationships are more likely to suffer from debilitating or limiting long-term consequences.Additionally, a teenager who commits teen dating violence may also face serious criminal consequences.Teenagers aren’t always the most forthcoming with authority figures, so it is important to encourage open and free communication.Encourage a line of communication that doesn’t have strings or punishments attached.Abuse in teenage relationships can cause serious problems down the road, so it is incredibly important to leave lines of communication open to stop issues before they may start.Nearly 25% of teenage girls are estimated to have been in an abusive relationship.In fact, girls between 16 and 24 are as likely than any other demographic to be abused by a boyfriend or other intimate partner.

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