The importance of updating group rosters

Major League Baseball serves the media with access to a centralized bank of reference information through

Although much of the information could be accessed from a variety of sources, this centralized repository includes nearly everything that the league can provide for the media including links to a “press box” for each team.

All newly hired candidates are provided with a getting started email that contains the instructions on how to access Success Factors and e Payslips.

Please note that you will need to wait overnight from the time you receive the getting started email before accessing Success Factors, to allow your new employee profile to be established.

Structuring Websites for Specific Stakeholders In the course of this book several stakeholder groups are identified as primary targets for sport organizations in their public relations efforts.

These publics are also important audiences for organizational websites.

Modern sports are oriented toward statistics, and the current and historic statistical detail available is often extraordinary.

Technology and the Internet have greatly simplified the media’s ability to access and manipulate statistical data and incorporate it into their work.

Members of the media rely on information in many forms, and spectator sport counts on the media for the exposure crucial to financial success.

Virtually all college and professional league websites contain links to the sites of each league member as well as links to a variety of other sources.

Individual team websites often have links to the various leagues of which they are members, media outlets, sport-specific sites, booster groups, and relevant governing bodies.

Some media will want information that ties an organization to the media’s market area, such as the success of local athletes.

Websites are capable of providing a wide range of material, and electronic transmission of this material to the media can be done efficiently when necessary.

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