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Meanwhile, Soto's US-based project Eyes got signed.

On a whim, Marcel contacted Jeff Scott Soto who also was in Yngwie Malmsteen's band years earlier.The band did a club tour in Sweden in March with Julie Greaux on keyboards and Jake Samuel back again on drums.While the band was planning a tour in Japan, Samuel left again to pursue a singing career.As Eyes were now no longer together, Soto agreed and the band returned to the studio. Zan's band and so Jacob programmed all drums on an Alesis SR-16.The new album "Genesis" was recorded in three weeks in December 1992 at Stocksund Recording Studios.In February 1989 recordings for the first album took place in Stockholm with Christopher Ståhl (Power) and Mats Lindfors (Norum, Grand Slam) on guitars, Peter Hermansson (220 Volt, Norum) playing drums on some tracks and Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen) on keyboards.Jacob programmed the rest of drums and played all rhythm guitars with the help of the producer Mats Lindfors on "Women, Whiskey and Songs" Electra, to whom Jacob was currently signed, went bankrupt just when the mixing was finished and the album's release was delayed.During this time an employee of the label that had originally signed Talisman moved to a new label and the masters of the first album were bought from the bankrupt label.So "Talisman" was eventually released in February 1990 on the Airplay/Vinyl Mania label.The time following the summer of 1990 was difficult for the band. A trip to the US and the UK followed, looking for talent but without success.Eventually Marcel met again Matti Alfonzetti, an old acquaintance from grade school and from touring in 1986 with Swedish fusion/rock group Wasa Express, and they started writing and recording together in 1992.

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