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In general terms, they are published to provide workplace parties with information about how compliance can be achieved under a particular section, and the approach to compliance that a Work Safe BC prevention officer can be expected to take on an inspection at a workplace.The guidelines communicate information to assist workplace parties in a variety of ways.The simple answer is that whether a party is bound by a guideline will depend on the reason for, and intent of the particular guideline. For these guidelines, the information and examples discussed in the guideline are not, strictly speaking, mandatory in nature - other means of complying may be acceptable, provided that the objectives of the requirement in the are met.

In these cases, the guideline simply communicates Work Safe BC's standard that must be followed.Anyone who wishes to comment on a guideline or has suggestions for a new guideline can contact the Prevention Practices and Quality Department at Work Safe BC's Richmond office at 604-231-8644.Issued: September 28, 2005 Regulatory excerpt Section 108 of the (a) Where, for jurisdictional reasons, the Board is totally excluded from inspecting an operation Board officers will not knowingly issue an order or exercise another Board power under Part 3 with respect to an operation in this situation.Developing and updating OHS Guidelines The Prevention Practices and Quality Department at Work Safe BC coordinates the development and updating of guidelines.The guideline process uses the expertise of subject matter experts within Work Safe BC, as well as input from industry and labour representatives, and affected stakeholders, to thoroughly canvas the issues at hand, and reach practical, workable resolutions which are communicated in guidelines.In the event of a conflict, a prevention policy will take precedence over a guideline.About Prevention Policies and the Prevention Manual Prevention policies are issued on the authority of the Board of Directors.To accept an alternative approach to compliance, prevention officers will consider the information provided in a guideline as one source of information for deciding to assist them in determining if the chosen method of compliance being proposed meets the legal requirements in the requires that an employer develop and implement procedures for checking the well being of workers who work alone.The guideline for this section (G4.21) provides information about methods for accomplishing this, including the various systems and technologies that may be used.The guideline serves to assist the employer only, and is not meant to be strictly followed in order to achieve compliance.The employer can review this information and use it to determine how they can best meet the requirements of section 4.21 given their particular circumstances.

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