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Put this together with having some fun writing it, then having fun trolling the flamers until it becomes too dumb / boring, at which point it suddenly ends.Tara (considering the youtube account i found is genuine) seems a bit young, still i like my theory better than, well, everything else.Tragically, she is too insane to truly appreciate the depths of what she'd done, because she is now, in mind if not in body, completely Tara Gilesbie.Think about it, Tara's either a truly clueless fanfic writer or one of the most dedicated trolls ever... My Immortal spontaneously created itself from the sum of all the bad fanfics out there, creating the "Tara" as a mouthpiece to spread it's wickedly bad, but oddly fascinating existence all over the web... ) Things came full circle when the "Tara"-personality became sentient and tried to stop this madness, thus the whole "hacking" incident.The characters all got life sentances, but a few of the minor characters were able to take 'vacations' from Grammar Prison, and they serve the role of 'Tara' and 'Raven' on Tara's other accounts.Britney and Darkness escaped, and they, as fugitives through the world of Fanfiction, became its greatest Sue-horrors, assuming roles in different fanfictions: the Griffindor/Preppy Sue, and the Slytherin/Gothic sue.

Tara decides to make it a parody when she realizes a non-parody Suefic just isn't going to work.

This world changes from a happy place created from memories of her old life to a fantasy alternate universe of the Harry Potter canon, born from her new, transformed, twisted thoughts on the book series, in which she is the heroine and everyone loves her.

She regularly goes to the computer room at the asylum she's in; to post her created world online, as both of her mental worlds collide and she believes that she is a regular girl who is writing her magnum opus; an amazing Harry Potter fanfiction. It makes perfect sense if you don't think about it.

A new account with a very Tara-esqe written sequel, X Hot N Heavy Goffz 666 X, also uploaded the original story, including the hacked chapter.

So we may have an amazing Tara impersonator, or we may have the real Tara returned and refreshed after a long break. Notice how every error becomes more exaggerated after chapter thirty-nine, and all the names switch back.

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