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This troper was part of the gothic scene in germany quite a while and can perfectly imagine a parody going overboard like this.Many Goths just love Harry Potter, as well as hating posers and preps, the combination is genius.Maybe the hacked chapter wasn't the end of the hacking? "Das Nightmare b4 Xmas", the fact that they always say "Yah"? Tara wrote this to improve her skills from her home in Munich. It got away with it for a while because the Grammar Police couldn't find it through the internet, but the Hacker tipped them off where it was, and just after Ebony shooted 'Avada Kedavra' (and missed), the Grammar Police barged in and arrested everyone in the story, thus preventing the travesty from continuing.They got Tara too, and she is currently locked up in a mental asylum, where they hope to be able to rehabilitate her into a normal speller.Rather, Marty Mc Fly caused the first bifurcation before the story even starts - Enoby just made things worse. The timeline finally became too chaotic to support organic life.Most people assume Tara's main goal was to troll the Harry Potter fandom like never before.A new account with a very Tara-esqe written sequel, X Hot N Heavy Goffz 666 X, also uploaded the original story, including the hacked chapter.

Think about it, Tara's either a truly clueless fanfic writer or one of the most dedicated trolls ever... My Immortal spontaneously created itself from the sum of all the bad fanfics out there, creating the "Tara" as a mouthpiece to spread it's wickedly bad, but oddly fascinating existence all over the web... ) Things came full circle when the "Tara"-personality became sentient and tried to stop this madness, thus the whole "hacking" incident.This would explain why the spelling goes from decent to brain-breakingly terrible, and why the story seems to suffer from If you took it upon yourself to create and dwell on such a psychotic story, you'd go crazy, too.Tara is still writing it, currently on chapter 30,964, but has not been able to put it online because she has neglected to take a break from the story to go to work to earn money and pay her internet bill.At least that is what i was thinking reading this abomination.To give tiny examples, all the bands mentioned are played in discos and gain spotlight in magazines while no one genuine likes them, as well as the problem members of the scene have to face with oversexualisation of the style.Tara will collaborate with Seltzer and Friedberg and Uwe Boll to create the My Immortal Movie.This movie will be released on the 21st of December, 2012 thus revealing the true reason why the Mayan calendar ends on that day.Therefore, her repressed It explains why there doesn't seem to be any kind of logic in the universe of the fanfic.The timeline didn't start bifurcating when Enoby went back in time, though.As soon as she takes a bite of her toast, she notices something off about the butter she is eating.When she asks her mother about it, her mother says that they were out of the regular butter they usually get, so she got the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" original version. She kills her dog, stops going to church (saying that she converted to Satanism), and starts talking in unintelligible textspeak.

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