Updating eee pc 900

Unless the model listed is completely green, expect to be fixing things.Green: works Yellow: should eventually work Red: non-free drivers or serious hardware support problems The XXXp models (like the 1005p) are based on newer Pine Trail platforms. Fn Keys (included wireless switch) o With some Eee PC's, the brightness setting are either too low, or are sometimes a little inconstant or arbitrary (inconsistent on each boot, eg. If you have issues with this, issue this command to fix it: Install Jupiter and Jupiter Support/Eee from Source Forge to add power profiles as well as extra function keys and automatic support for Super Hybrid Engine.Upgrade that stock 512MB memory module with a 1 or 2GB module.Here's a quick and easy guide on how to upgrade the memory inside your 700 series (4G or 8G) Eee PC.

Panasonic provides free BIOS updates for their Toughbook line of computers.After several attempts of the poor thing not even booting with the new memory installed I was about to give up when I found an obscure forum posting that gave the solution so I thought I’d post it here too in case someone else has the same problem. For the unitiated, the Eee PC 900 is one of the Eee PC range from ASUS, the beauty is just it’s size: it’s so portable with only an 8.9 inch screen and weighing just under 1 kg.For it’s size it’s not bad for performance either (although avoid the 16G version, it seems to be a downgrade).Here are the most recent bios updates for the 2g 4G and 8G eee pcs.The folks over at eeeusers have already compiled a nice guide for updating the bios so I'll just link to theirs instead of creating my own. It has turned out as one of the better IT investments in my lifetime.However it’s not (and was never) the fastest kid on the block and recent OS upgrades have become increasingly resource hungry.This is rare, but backing up prevents loss of data should anything go wrong. Do you want to get a little more out of your Asus Eee PC?Insert the USB Pen Drive or USB Card Reader with the bios on it and boot the machine.4) During POST press ALT F2 and the Bios Update Utility will start looking for USB Device, it will find yours and will start reading the 1000file, once done it will delete the current bios and then will replace it with the new one.

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